Travel without Thoughts

A revolutionary rate that includes in addition to many services, benefits and insurance guarantees!

By choosingBesafe Rateyou have no more thoughts, youwe give away coverage for refund. You are safe, for any unforeseen events, from now until your stay,for you and your loved ones.

The rate includestravel insurance at no additional cost, health care, coverage for cancellation due to unforeseen events, theft, legal assistance and much more!

Some of the services included with the booking of theBesafe Rate:

  • Refund of up to 100% of the prepaid amount in case of cancellation due to unforeseen events
  • Reimbursement also included in case of illness (including COVID-19), hospitalization, accident, holiday cancellation
  • Roadside assistance on site
  • Change date as many times as you want

To have all this just chooseBesafe Rateat the time of booking and for the restwe take care of everything!

You just have to select it from those available on the hotel website!